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I am trying to read from file: The file is multiline and basically i need to go over each "word". Word being anything non space.

Sample input file would be:

Sample file:

test 2d
word 3.5

test 13.5 12.3
another {
testing 145.4

So I tried something like this:

ifstream inFile(fajl.c_str(), ifstream::in);

	cout << "Cannot open " << fajl << endl;

string curr_str;
char curr_ch;
int curr_int;
float curr_float;

cout << "HERE\n";
inFile >> curr_str;

cout << "Read " << curr_str << endl;

The problem is when it reads new line it just hangs. I read everything before test 13.5 but once it reaches that line it doesnt do anything. Anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong? Any better suggestion on how to do this???

I essentially need to go through file and go one "word" (non white char) at the time. I


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You open a file 'inFile' but are reading from the 'std::cin' any particular reason?

 * Open the file.
std::ifstream   inFile(fajl.c_str());   // use input file stream don't.
                                        // Then you don't need explicitly specify
                                        // that input flag in second parameter
if (!inFile)   // Test for error.
    std::cerr << "Error opening file:\n";

std::string   word;
while(inFile >> word)  // while reading a word succeeds. Note >> operator with string
{                      // Will read 1 space separated word.
    std::cout << "Word(" << word << ")\n";
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typo :) i meant to say inFile >> in question not program itself –  grobartn Oct 25 '09 at 0:50
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Not sure how "in the spirit" of the iostream library this is, but you could do it with unformatted input. Something like:

char tempCharacter;
std::string currentWord;
while (file.get(tempCharacter))
    if (tempCharacter == '\t' || tempCharacter == '\n' || tempCharacter == '\r' || tempCharacter == ' ')
        std::cout << "Current Word: " << currentWord << std::endl;

Does that work?

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That won't work because istream::get doesn't take a single char* as parameter and checking !file.eof() before performing a read doesn't always work. Also, you're comparing wide character literals to a narrow object of type char (those types are not compatible). I will edit it for you to get it fixed. –  0x499602D2 Nov 7 '13 at 2:30
@0x499602D2: Thanks for fixing that up :) –  Billy ONeal Nov 7 '13 at 4:56
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