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I'm terrible at javascript and very new to Angular so do bear with me.

My server is returning this:

{"latitude": 3.172398, "name": "Event", "longitude": 101.6739005}


var mapModule = angular.module('map.services', ['ngResource']);

mapModule.factory('Event', function($resource) {
    return $resource('/custom_api/get_event_details/:eventId/',
        {eventId: '@id'});


function mapCtrl($scope, Event) {
    var eventDetail = Event.get({eventId: $scope.eventId});

I'm trying to access the json returned by my server via eventDetail.latitude but I am getting undefined.

In console, console.log(eventDetail) looks like:

e {$get: function, $save: function, $query: function, $remove: function, $delete: function}
latitude: 3.172398
longitude: 101.6739005
name: "abc"
__proto__: e

I get that eventDetail is a resource instance but how do I just get to the values directly?

If I had set $scope.eventDetail in my controller, I would be able to access it via {{ eventDetail.latitude }} in my template.

How on earth do I do this in the controller?

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From the docs:

It is important to realize that invoking a $resource object method immediately returns an empty reference (object or array depending on isArray). Once the data is returned from the server the existing reference is populated with the actual data.

So your logging wont work unless you put it in a callback function, like this:

function mapCtrl($scope, Event) {
  Event.get({eventId: $scope.eventId},function(eventDetail){
    //on success callback function

If you for some reason don't want to work with a resource you can use the $http service:

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I think the confusing thing for me was that I could see the data being returned and simply thought my javascript-fu was really bad that I didn't know how to traverse the resource object. Thanks for this. – super9 Apr 24 '13 at 17:10
aha! clear as mud. Thank you for this. Excavating a codebase from 2012 that used $resource – Connor Leech Apr 14 at 6:16

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