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I am having some doubts on a suggested workflow for this situation:

I have two Github repositories, one upstream and a forked one (origin). From my local repository I keep pushing to origin and doing pull requests to upstream. When I think that everything is correct to test on staging, I push my develop branch to the remote Heroku staging.

My question is: My local develop branch is up to date with my origin, but what I really want is to push what is in upstream (because it is actually where every potential developer code is). What is the correct way of doing so? Shall I create another local branch develop-upstream that is "tracking" the develop branch in upstream?

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So you wanna keep your fork up-to-date with the upstream? This is relevant: stackoverflow.com/questions/14534677/… –  Gabriele Petronella Apr 24 '13 at 15:51
Have you looked into Heroku labs pipeline? –  linkingarts May 1 at 4:11

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