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I'm trying to get a local Tomcat deployment under control in IntelliJ (version 12) and so looking to configure a local connection to Tomcat.

I try to add a server specifying 'Local or mounted folder'. All seems okay but asks me to specify 'web server root URL'.

As its a local server I'd like something like '/opt/tomcat/tomcat7-dev' which points to the root of my tomcat install, however IntelliJ logically says this 'URL is not valid'.

Any advice on correct way to specify local server for IntelliJ deployment?

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You don't need this configuration for local Tomcat development, refer to this document. –  CrazyCoder Apr 24 '13 at 16:07

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Local Tomcat configuration doesn't require any Deployment settings or mappings, you just configure a server, artifact and a run configuration to start the server and deploy the artifact, more details can be found in the tutorial.

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