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I have the following script to do some date operation:

    function indate($leavedate){
    $enddate=$leavedate[0]['LoppumisPvm'];//This prints 23 Apr
    $endday=date('d',strtotime($enddate));//this prints 23
    $endmonth=date('M',strtotime($enddate));// This prints Apr

    $additional_days=$endday-15;// This prints 8
    $end = strtotime(date("d M", strtotime("15 Jan")) . " +$additional_days days");
    echo $end;

I am trying to get that the variable $end That will add the number of additional days to a specific date (there given 15 Jan).. It prints 1358179200 instead..

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You have a mix-up with an additional strtotime call and some bad positioned parenthesis. Change your code to:

$end = date("d M", strtotime("15 Jan + {$additional_days} days"));
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You need to change:

$end = strtotime(date("d M", strtotime("15 Jan")) . " +$additional_days days");

To be:

$end = date("d M",strtotime(date("d M", strtotime("15 Jan")) . " +$additional_days days"));
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