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In a specific program, I want to assign a hotkey to the action of right clicking at the cursor's current position, then moving the cursor to choose an item on that menu, then moving the cursor again to choose an item on the sub-menu. I've gotten as far as the first two commands. When I get to the mousemove, no matter what coordinates I put in, the cursor shoots to the upper left corner of the screen, when what I would like it to do is first move 100 pixels to the right and 60 pixels up, then 100 pixels to the right, zero pixels on the y-axis. Clearly I am misunderstanding something. Please advise.

Thanks, Ellen



Click right

sleep, 100

MouseMove, 60, -60, 5, R

Sleep, 100

MouseMove, 200, 0, 5, R

MouseClick, L

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Shouldn't Mousemove be MouseMove instead? It's like that in the docs.

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Ellen, first of all, if at all possible try if you could use keyboard shortcuts.
Please check: Control Panel\Ease of Access Center\Make the keyboard easier to use\Underline keyboard shortcuts and access keys. This will show the shortcuts that you can use. This way you might even find the keyboard shortcut for the menu, instead of using the mouse location.

^+b:: ; Record the location of the menu at the beginnin with [Shift]+[Ctrl]+b
SoundBeep, 500, 500
ToolTip, Click on the "XYZ" Link
KeyWait, LButton, D
MouseGetPos, xPos, yPos
Send, {Esc}

MouseClick, Right, xPos, yPos
;Mousemove, 100, 60 R
Send, e : OR WHATEVER Shortcut letter OR.....
Send, {Down 3}{Enter} ; IF you want to use down arrow 3 times to get to the item.

Modified, where YOU have to position the mouse on the always changing menu position.

    MouseClick, Right ; presses where the mouse is located
    ;Mousemove, 100, 60 R
    Send, e : OR WHATEVER Shortcut letter OR.....
    Send, {Down 3}{Enter} ; IF you want to use down arrow 3 times to get to the item.

If you can identify the menu ID (with AHK Windows Spy, place the mouse over the menu and look at "under the mouse"), you could use controlsend. This would be location independent since controlsend will use the menu ID to send a signal. If you tell me which application you try to control, I could see if controlSend could be used....

Oh b.t.w. I did not know you used XP, the enable shortcut instructions were for Windows 7.

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Robert, I'm not following what you're suggesting. I don't understand what to do with that extra script that you wrote. I still consider it safe to call myself very much a beginner who only has occasional flashes of understanding. If it makes my question any clearer, this is for that program that has strange window names that keep changing, and the menus as far as I can tell have the same problem. Plus, this is not for a fixed point, but for any selected node on a vector contour, thus a moving target. – decibelle Apr 24 '13 at 19:11
Enabled Show Extra Keyboard Help in accessibility options (XP), but don't see anything yet like what you're describing. – decibelle Apr 24 '13 at 19:22
OK, it seems to be working now. See edited script. – decibelle Apr 24 '13 at 20:12
It doesn't work if the selected node is at the top of the window because the menu placement changes so I'd still like to do it a better way if I could. – decibelle Apr 24 '13 at 20:22
Ellen, I had hoped that the menu would stay at the same place for each session, that is why I opted to record the menu position with the first script so that once the position is recorded, you could just press ^b to always go to the same (pre-recorded) position and run the script from there. If the menu position changes constantly, then the only way is to position the mouse first and then run the modified macro. Another way is to use the shortcuts or use a text/image search to locate the menu. – Robert Ilbrink Apr 24 '13 at 21:54

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