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I would like to query a particular cell of a table in order to change its text or inner HTML.

A sample of the table:

<table id="infotable">
    <tbody id="tData">
        <td id="164">Awaiting data...</td>

The third cell of the first row of the above table is my target which I have identified with the attribute id="164".

In the Dart script, I have attempted two means of querying this cell:

TableCellElement cell = document.query('#164');


var cell = query('#164');

Both result in the following error in the Dart editor:

'Error: SyntaxError: DOM Exception 12'
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I had this written out when I came across the answer in another SO post, but in the context of jQuery. It turns out the problem was that the id attribute was not allowed to begin with a digit.

Prepending a character to the beginning of the attribute value solved this issue (e.g. the q in id="q164".

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