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I am currently trying to perform several steps that require tasks to be spawned into child processes. For example:

  1. Watch files
  2. Start up my Static Site Generator's Preview Server

I can easily use a tasks like grunt-concurrent to have both of these run simultaneously. However, when I exit grunt, the child process (in this case - the static site generator which I am running using grunt-shell) keeps running. I would like to have these tasks run simultaneously - but also have them be killed when grunt exits.


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3 Answers

is there some reason that you dont use grunt-contrib-connect for starting up a server in your project root?

if possible do this instead of using grunt-shell, and the server will automatically shutdown when your grunt process exits

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Great point - but unfortunately no. I'm working with Wintersmith as my site generator (which does use a Connect server) - but I want to avoid having to duplicate that logic for the preview server. –  dtuckernet May 8 '13 at 1:32
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Not sure how this works with grunt-shell. But if you'd setup a custom grunt task to run your server you could try somthing like:

  var spawn = require('child_process').spawn;
  var server = spawn('myserver', ['--foo']);
  process.on('exit', function() {
     grunt.log.writeln('killing myserver...');
     grunt.log.writeln('killed myserver');
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I've tried that with no success (no message written or server killed), unfortunately. –  Pat Mar 26 at 20:54
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Maybe this is why grunt-exit was created.

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