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In Drupal 7, I'm using the feeds module to pull in a bunch of books

That's all working perfectly. I am not setting up some views. the feed pulls in an image url to on o my field like this [http://img.techbook.com/techwords/content/bk/blak/003834/full_image.jpg but of course I need

<img src="http://img.techbook.com/techwords/content/bk/blak/003834/full_image.jpg" />

to display the image on the page

What is the best method of altering this fields' text, or is there a method so I can automatically format correctly. There are hundres of these, so manually do it is not an option

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You can either use Feeds Tamper, which let's you manipulate the incoming feed data before it comes in (ie. wrap the url with img tags): http://drupal.org/project/feeds_tamper


You can simply import the URLs into a field, and then render the URL with a template file that has the img tag wrapped around the field.

Like so: in node--content-type-name-here.tpl.php

<img src="<?php print render($content['field_url']); ?>" />

I would recommend the latter and only use Feeds Tamper for more serious manipulations.

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Patrick the tamper worked great, was able to use it on several other field. THANKS SO MUCH - YEAH DRUPAL!!!!! and Yeah Patrick!!!! –  user1176783 May 3 '13 at 19:35

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