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I'm using the grunt-crx task in my Gruntfile like so:

crx: {
            packExtension: {
                src: "../build/unpacked",
                dest: "../build/dist"

When running the crx task (by itself) I get the following error message:

Warning: Object function lodash(value) {
    // exit early if already wrapped
    if (value && value.__wrapped__) {
      return value;
    // allow invoking `lodash` without the `new` operator
    if (!(this instanceof lodash)) {
      return new lodash(value);
    this.__wrapped__ = value;
  } has no method 'assign' Use --force to continue

And using '--force' with grunt from the command line to run the task also results in the same error.

I'm new to grunt and grunt-crx, so I'm not sure if this is a grunt issue or it's specific to the grunt-crx task, but any help getting this working would be much appreciated!

As a note, I've tried the following things without any luck.

  1. Not using relative paths
  2. Specifying a pem file in addition to src and dest
  3. Moving ../build/unpacked to ./packed so everything was in the same directory (I've had to either do this or use the force option with other grunt tasks.) .
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I had the same issue, looks like the author introduced a bug in version 0.2.1 that didn't exist in 0.2.0. Uninstall your current version:

npm uninstall grunt-crx --save-dev

Then install the previous version:

npm install grunt-crx@0.2.0 --save-dev

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Thanks for your help! –  Bob Smith Apr 30 '13 at 14:51

This was indeed tied to the version of lodash I tested the extension (which was older than the one introducing assign).

The 0.2.2 release addresses this issue.

Try it out!

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Thanks, that was the problem. Great tool btw! –  Bob Smith Apr 30 '13 at 14:53

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