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Right now I'm building an app in the Meteor JS framework -- an app that can run both from a browser as well as be packaged with Cordova Phonegap for iOS / Android use.

I would like to be able to detect if I am in Cordova or not. I still want to distinguish between mobile browser and mobile PhoneGap usage.

Detect between a mobile browser or a PhoneGap application doesn't make sense for me as I am still loading the Meteor app via an HTTP call.

How else could I detect if the user is loading our app from PhoneGap or not?

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Well you could always check up if the deviceready handlers get initiated and use a session hash to store this e.g

document.addEventListener("deviceready", function() {
}, false);

You can use this reactively e.g

Deps.autorun() {
    if(Session.equals("isphonegap", true)) {
         //Yes its phonegap!

The only thing is you have to assume its always not phonegap, and if deviceready fires (on a device within phonegap/cordova) then you can check with Session.get("isphonegap") whether the device is using phonegap in your template helpers or anywhere else reactive variables can run

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Today is much easier:

if (Meteor.isCordova) {
  console.log("Printed only in mobile cordova apps");

Meteor Docs: Adding Cordova/Phonegap-specific Javascript code

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