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I've been reading about user controls on msdn, and I was wondering how does one deal with element IDs that may be variable?

For example, say I have usercontrol1.ascx on my page that contains this:

<div id="myPageDiv1">
     <div id="container1">

What if I need the IDs to be different across different pages?

Maybe I need another page that needs to look like this:

    <div id="myPageDiv2">
     <div id="container3">


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You could add a property to your usercontrol so you can change it on a page-by-page basic:


Public Property SomeDivID as String


<div id="<%= Me.SomeDivID %>">



<control:yourusercontrol SomeDivID="myPageDiv1" runat="server" />

<control:yourusercontrol SomeDivID="myPageDiv2" runat="server" />
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You can define a property in your user control.

Public Property DivName As String 

You can set it in your codebehind to your desired name. You can even pass this from your controlling page.

DivName = "MyDesiredDivName"

Then you can use crocodile syntax in your markup to render the value of the property.

<div id="<%= Me.DivName %>">
     <div id="container1">
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