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I just started using Access 2013 and there are two new data types, Short Text and Long Text. I need to programatically add a table in SQL and I used to use TEXT(100) or something like it, but what do I use to create a column of type Long Text? I need the field to be like the memo type in previous versions of Access, basically limitless or very large.

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You can use Long Text just like the memo type:

In earlier version (before A2007) we had the RTF presentation for Memo fields. The implementation was - IIRC - storing the text you had on the screen in Word RTF format with some cryptic codes in {} to indicate the formatting. In A2007 they changed to the new formatting known as Rich Text. This is stored in the Memo field with HTML tags implement the formatting. The thing they changed now is not the UI for these fields but the name of the datatype in the database. It's not called MEMO anymore, now it's called LONG TEXT. The formatted text should AFAIK still be stored in the same way, as HTML coded text. When you switch from plain text to rich text you do nothing else then tell Access to use another UI to display the content of the data in the database. Stored is still the same.

You can read more from here

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