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I'm wondering how to approach the topic of user organizations in ASP.NET WebForms application and SQL Server 2008.

  • Create SQL Servers in-built Logins / Users


  • Create a Username / User and use it to connect to the database. A user data held in the table with password (salt).

Is the second option is a good option? If true please support me with your knowledge.

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It sounds like Forms Authentication can help you immensely:


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For an ASP.NET application, you should be going with your second option.

You definitely want a strong hashing algorithm equipped with a fairly long salt to make sure your passwords are secure.

In terms of an algorithm, you should look at something like Bcrypt, it's got a pretty good reputation on Security StackExchange.

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I would use the second option, I dont like builtin logon system. In an old project of mine, there is remember me system and it doesnt work now, and I cannot figure it out why it doesnt work.

It is always better to do your own logon system.

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