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I have been using this code as a model to modify an application to support over 8 individual plots overlaid on the same axis and different scales on both sides.

I am having several problems so far.

  1. Some Y labels are on the left and some are on the right. 2 or 3 are repeated (in error) on both sides (not all). It appears to be on the right side that overlays a repeat causing gibberish. One scale has numbers of the data that was plotted.

  2. When the application is stopped, the black window (DOS prompt window) does not go away. I have a theory that there is two "canvas" blocks created, one by the call to create an instance using one call to create a canvas and another that creates a drawing area (and does not call it a canvas). The calls are as follows:

set 1

myLOG_Fig = m_plt.figure(figsize=(3.0, 3.0), dpi=100)
self.myLOG_PlotCanvas = FigCanvas( panel, -1, myLOG_Fig )

set 2

self.myLOG_HostAxes = host_subplot(111, axes_class=AA.Axes)

Set 1 is required to present the self.myLOG_PlotCanvas to a Sizer placement routine which applies the image (drawing area canvas) on a panel (one of four panels). This set works great until I start the other plots (2 thru 8) to the canvas.

I found the solution (set 2) that uses the mpl Toolkit and AA to allow sharing of the X Axis and present more than 2 scales. by changing the code to allow for set 2 is where I noticed problems. The plots are accepted correctly to scale and color. The side scales almost look good (exception is repeats on the right) and I CANNOT CHANGE FONT size of the X-Axis labels and Y Axis labels. I could control the color and font size using set 1. Set 2 is unresponsive to changing character attributes. There are some other code that had to use the code required by set 2 (but I did not list it here). I personally do not think the two canvas drawing areas are the same and is one reason why the application does not die (black DOS window lingers around).

Is there newer up-to-date versions of matplotlib and mpl_toolkit code that connects the routines to one canvas drawing area? Is there some code that accomplishes my requirements (using sizers, etc) to produce an application with tabs and drawing areas on each tab?

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Hi Wes, it is unclear to me at least (and judging by the lack of answers others as well) how to answer the myriad of questions and comments here. Try to detail a specific problem you are having and if possible provide some code that reproduces the error or an image. In doing this you may solve some of your problems. One comment I can make is that for a single plot you should no have more than 2 labels on each axis (and then only if you use a twin axis). To distinguish between plots use a legend. –  Greg Apr 24 '13 at 22:04
Wes, I would suggest breaking this question up into a bunch of questions, each of which addresses one of your problems. Make sure to include the exact code you are using (even better if it is copy-and-pasteable so people can test your code!), a description of what it is doing and what you want it to do. –  tcaswell Apr 25 '13 at 14:10
So far I have discovered the EXIT hanging issue. So, one down ... –  Wes Carew Apr 25 '13 at 18:30
I am new to this and do not know how to respond to your inputs. Give me a clue .... –  Wes Carew Apr 25 '13 at 18:49
I can click on the comment button all day but I think I am supposed to click something else to respond to you. –  Wes Carew Apr 25 '13 at 18:50
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