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I am planning on using Google Mock. I need to capture an object reference so that I can subsequently call some methods from that object.

Does Google Mock have any capturing abilities? If not, what are the other choices for C++ unit testing? One choice would be to create my own mock class that captures the object.

I am looking for something similar to Java's EasyMock. Example (not real code):

Capture<MyObject> capture;
EXPECT_CALL(myInterface, access(capture));
MyObject &capturedObject = capture.getValue();
EXPECT_EQ(ACCESS_IN_PROGRESS, capturedObject.getState());
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You can write a custom action to capture a method parameter by reference (there is a standard SaveArg action to capture one by value). But what you want can be achieved in a simpler fashion:

using testing::Property;
using testing::Eq;
            access(Property(&MyObject::getState, Eq(ACCESS_IN_PROGRESS))));
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