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I'm using minix3 on VMware Player and i'm having trouble compiling a system call. I actually tried to see if i can add a simple command in a system call just to see that working and i put a simple printf("my message"); in protect.c file which it is on usr/src/servers/vfs.

I saved it, and tried to compile it with make command while i am on vfs directory. It says that protect.c is up to date.

I try change a file's owner (protect.c has the chown mode code in it) and i'm waiting as a result my message. Instead it's just run the command correctly without printing my message.

I assume that i did something wrong with compiling and i'm searching for hours over the internet trying to fix it. But the only command that cames repeatedly is make hdboot. I know that this command it's not gonna work because i'm using minix3 as a virtual OS, but i tried it just to confirmed it and as i said didn't work.

Is anyone know anything about compiling in minix3?

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IF your problem is indeed with compilation and you've implemented your system call correctly then after making any edits in /usr/src you should call "make install" from /usr/src/releasetools and then call "reboot" to restart minix

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