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I have a Windows 7 Ent - 64bit system.

I am stuck in a loop, where the login screen is presented, i enter my network credentials, the welcome spinner is shown, the screen flickers like when resized, then the system goes to logging off screen and then finally goes back to the control alt delete screen.

I cannot get out of that loop for the life of me.

I contacted corp support, he came over and logged in using his login (admin level) and was able to get a desktop up.

The support people are not allowed to access the registry to correct or even look at my users settings, and my user IS NOT AN ADMIN on this machine.

Question is - is there a way to blow away my profile on this machine, or reset my registry branch to that of a new user or something???

i have bitlocker enabled on the drive - so using the emergency boot disks are almost rendered useless...

im stuck, and i dont know where to look....

any ideas would be wonderful


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the admin level user logged in, and turned his back for a moment, and i was able to go in and reset the autologon registry entry...

rebooted,and all is well.

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