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I have 3 pieces of information that I need to send in a UDP packet, the userID (int), auth code (string) and the binary data.

How would I be able to send those items at once and be able to split them at the other end.

I've tried concat'ing three buffers with the information but can't figure a way to split them at the other end, as the UID and auth code will vary in length.

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assuming that the following apply

  • userID - unsigned 32bit integer
  • auth code - somekind of string let's say 100 chars length
  • binary data - ..


var BinaryData=/*Your binary data*/;
var bufToSend = new Buffer(3+100+BinaryData.length);


var userID = bufFromUDP.readUInt32LE(0);
var authCode = bufFromUDP.slice(4,104);
var BinaryData = bufFromUDP.slice(105,bufFromUDP.length);

Also you can try adding a "separator" between fields. ex.

var sep = new Buffer(2);

and when doing Buffer.concat([userID,sep,authCode,sep]); after each field add the sep byte.

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