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I'm trying to scrape data using Javascript and the jQuery library.

So far so good. I am able to scrape data from between tags. For example I want to get the data from <li> tags, I do so as follows:

stuff_found = $(data).find('li');

However, if I try to get the src from an <img> tag by using the following code, only the first image is returned.

stuff_found =  $(data).find('img').attr();

I need to know how to return the full list (every image on the page) and not just the first in line.

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The easiest way would be to write the image selector to get only those that are inside <li> tags. Then you can traverse them with .each() or, if you really only need image src attribute values, .map(). For example:

var imageList = $('li img').map(function()
    return $(this).attr('src');

Here in the code example this happens:

  1. you first get all the images that are inside <li> tags - the $('li img') part.
  2. Then with .map() you apply a function to go over all of them and extract a value. Basically what .map() does is that it takes a list, applies a given function to all elements of the list and returns the resulting list with the newly processed elements.
  3. The part with $(this).attr('src') gets the actual src value from the image tag.
  4. And finally, because jQuery returns it's own array type instead of a standard javascript array, you need to do .get() - that is what converts the returned object from jQuery array to a standard array.
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every image on the page ..?

$('li img').each(function(){
  var src = $(this).attr('src');

Or getting list of them -

var list = $('li img').map(function() {
              return $(this).attr('src');
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I'm getting a bit confused with this to be honest.At the moment I have stuff_found = $(data).find('li');, which is then followed up in a for loop where I get each individual value using var value = stuff_found[i].firstChild.nodeValue;. What I actually want to do is this exact same thing, but I want the images source from inside each li element. –  user1100149 Apr 24 '13 at 22:20

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