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I am using the Paypal standard to integrate to my website, using HTML form fields.

I have enabled IPN notifications on my (sandbox) account, and the Paypal server is able to successfully call my website, with IPN data.

I want to be able to respond to the following specific events in my backend processing (i.e. using custom server side scripts):

Event Description completed payment completed successfully subscr_eot subscription end of term subscr_cancelled subscription cancelled card_chargeback credit card chargeback event claim_dispute_began claim dispute has began claim_dispute_closed claim dispute has been closed refund A refund has been made.

I am aware that it is possibly (*some) combination of payment_status, txn_id (and possibly some other fields). There are several fields returned in the IPN data. However, the documentation does not cleanly partition the fields into those required to uniquely identify events that a user may want to listen to (such as the ones above) - at least, I was unable to do so from the documentation.

I would appreciate if someone with experience of Paypal integration could point out (i.e. map) the events above to the fields used to identify them.

For example, the completed event will be mapped as follows:

complete => payment_status=complete


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So I'm not the only one to find PayPal documentation painfully confusing? Good. –  TRiG Sep 15 '10 at 15:55

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Is Table 2. Summary of subscription variables here: https://cms.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/?cmd=%5Frender-content&content%5FID=developer/e%5Fhowto%5Fhtml%5FIPNandPDTVariables what you are looking for?

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