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Is it possible to reference app/controllers/admin/categories_controller.rb using categories_path instead of admin_categories_path ?

I'm using Rails 4.

# app/controllers/admin
class Admin::CategoriesController < Admin::BaseController

# visiting localhost:3000/admin/categories causes route not found error 'admin/categories'
scope module: "admin" do
  resources :categories

# visiting localhost:3000/admin/categories causes uninitialized constant CategoriesController
scope "/admin" do
  resources :categories
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I believe that you have to reference the controller at the resources

scope 'admin' do
  resources :categories, controller: 'admin/categories'

so the routes became

   categories   GET    /admin/categories(.:format)          admin/categories#index
                POST   /admin/categories(.:format)          admin/categories#create
   new_category GET    /admin/categories/new(.:format)      admin/categories#new
  edit_category GET    /admin/categories/:id/edit(.:format) admin/categories#edit
       category GET    /admin/categories/:id(.:format)      admin/categories#show
                PATCH  /admin/categories/:id(.:format)      admin/categories#update
                PUT    /admin/categories/:id(.:format)      admin/categories#update
                DELETE /admin/categories/:id(.:format)      admin/categories#destroy
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