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I am trying to create relative paths using boost.

My initial plan was:

string base_directory;  // input
boost::filesystem::path base_path;
string other_directory;  // input
boost::filesystem::path other_path;
// assume base_path is absolute - did that already (using complete() 
// if path is relative, to root it in the current directory)  -> 
base_directory = base_path.string();

if (other_path.empty())
  other_directory = base_directory;
  other_path = boost::filesystem::path(other_directory);        
    other_path = base_path / other_path;
    other_directory = other_path.string();          

This works fine, if other_directory is absolute or just a name (or relative inner to base_directory).

But if I try to put ".." or "../other", I end up withe weird constructs, like "c:\test.." or "c:\test..\other"

How can I create relative paths properly, preferably using boost ? I tried to look in the documentation... without positive success.

I am using Windows (my preference for boost is that this should be multi-platform, and I am already dependent on it)

Edit: I have boost 1.47

Thank you for any suggestion.

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Boost filesystem does not know whether "C:\test" refers to a file or a directory, so it will not assume a trailing "\" is correct.

If you add that "\", you can use the function boost::filesystem::canonical() to simplify a path to remove . and .. elements.

other_path = boost::filesystem::path( other_directory + "\" );        
  other_path = boost::filesystem::canonical( base_path / other_path );
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Thank you, but it doesn't seem to be available. I have boost 1.47 (didn't think it made a difference) Prompted by your suggestion, I looked and found a "normalize" in documentation, but it doesn't show in the boost::filesystem (or filesystem3) list – Thalia Apr 24 '13 at 22:20
If there is no option to "canonize" it, I will accept this, I didn't know that it was indeed a valid path - only after this answer I got the courage to test it. – Thalia Apr 24 '13 at 22:26
@Thalia you were so close! I did a little research and that function was added in boost 1.48. :( – Drew Dormann Apr 24 '13 at 23:06

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