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I am trying to develop a peer to peer chat application which allows multiple clients to chat with each other at the moment i can only allow to users to chat with each other, my code which sets up a connection is below. how can i change the code to allow multiple connections ?

import java.io.*;
import java.net.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import javax.swing.*;
   // import all the class that you will need for functionailty

   // extends jframe to develop gui's in java
   public class Server extends JFrame{

private JTextField userInput; // 
private JTextArea theChatWindow; //
private ObjectOutputStream output; // stream data out
private ObjectInputStream input; // stream data in
private ServerSocket server;
private Socket connection; // socket means set up connetion between 2 computers


public Server(){

    super("My Chat Service");
    userInput = new JTextField();
    userInput.setEditable(false); // set this false so you dont send messages when noone is available to chat
    // action event listener to check when the user hits enter for example
    userInput.addActionListener(new ActionListener(){

        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent event){
            sendMessage(event.getActionCommand()); // string entered in the textfield
            userInput.setText(""); // reset text area to blank again

    // create the chat window
    add(userInput, BorderLayout.NORTH);
    theChatWindow = new JTextArea();
    add(new JScrollPane(theChatWindow));

// run the server after gui created
public void RunServer(){

        server = new ServerSocket(6789, 100); // 1st number is port number where the application is located on the server, 2nd number is the amount of people aloud to connect

                waitForConnection(); // wait for a connection between 2 computers 
                setupStreams();  // set up a stream connection between 2 computers to communicate
                whileChatting();  // send message to each other
                // connect with someone and have a conversation
            }catch(EOFException eofException){

                showMessage("\n Server ended Connection");

    }catch(IOException ioException){


//Wait for a connection then display connection information

private void waitForConnection(){

    showMessage("waiting for someone to connect to chat room....\n");
    try {
        connection = server.accept();
    } catch (IOException ioexception) {

    showMessage("Now connected to"+ connection.getInetAddress().getHostName());
 // stream function to send and recive data
private void setupStreams() throws IOException{

    output = new ObjectOutputStream(connection.getOutputStream()); // set up pathway to send data out
    output.flush(); // move data away from your machine
    input = new ObjectInputStream(connection.getInputStream()); // set up pathway to allow data in
    showMessage("\n Connection streams are now setup \n");


// this code while run during chat conversions
private void whileChatting() throws IOException{

    String message = " You are now connected ";
    allowTyping(true); // allow user to type when connection
        // have conversion while the client does not type end

            message = (String) input.readObject(); // stores input object message in a string variable
            showMessage("\n " +message);
        }catch(ClassNotFoundException classnotfoundException){

            showMessage("\n i dont not what the user has sent");
    }while(!message.equals("CLIENT - END"));// if user types end program stops


private void closeChat(){

    showMessage("\n closing connections...\n");

        output.close(); // close output stream
        input.close(); // close input stream
        connection.close(); // close the main socket connection

    }catch(IOException ioexception){


// send message to the client
private void sendMessage(String message){


        output.writeObject("Server - "+ message);
        output.flush(); // send all data out
        showMessage("\nServer - "+ message);

    }catch(IOException ioexception){

        theChatWindow.append("\n ERROR: Message cant send");


// update the chat window (GUI)
private void showMessage(final String text){


            new Runnable(){

                public void run(){





// let the user type messages in their chat window

private void allowTyping(final boolean trueOrFalse){


            new Runnable(){

                public void run(){






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look into XMPP protocol - it's one of the de-facto standards for chat protocols and may provide either examples or ideas for your project. I think XMPP is more geared for server to multi-clients, but it's really just a bunch of XML docs that get sent back and forth.



and an amazing open source community that currently has an extremely good server and client that follow the XMPP protocol standards. They have a great community so maybe jump in there and talk with some developers about design ideas etc or take a look at their source code:


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