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I have dataGridView, that has dataSet, binding source and tableAdapter. In dataSet binded by tableAdapter to dataGridView I have inner join's used.

Table Cars: Car_ID, Client_ID, Model, LastOilChange, property....

Table Models: ID_Model, NameOfModel, ID_Producent

Table Producents: ID_Producent, NameOfProducent

DataGridView headers: NameOfProducent, NameOfModel, LastOilChange, property...

... so inner join is used to connect Cars.Model with Model.ID_Model, and Model.ID_producent with Producents.ID_Producent.

When table loads on initializing form - everything is fine, and every values are in columns where they should be.

I don't know how to use filter for it? I want to select only Cars for some Client_ID and when i do it - Model and Producent are empty :/

I do it that way:

List<Car> ClientsCar = (from u in DB.Cars
                        where u.Client_ID == sometextbox.text
                        select u).ToList();
DataGridView.BindingSource = ClientsCar;

Please show me the way :)

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The answer was simple (like always).

I've created a procedure that gets as argument a ClientID, and returns select for this client (with inner joins and other stuff). After that I've created a DataSource for DataGridView from that procedure, and used TableAdapter to fill it with the GetData method.

dataGridViewSamochodyPowiazaneKlienta.DataSource = this.wyszukajSamochodyKlientaTableAdapter.GetData(ID_klienta.ToString()).ToArray();

That solved my problem.

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