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I am a calling c++ method from objective c:

C++ Method:

void TestMethod( size_t& outputSize,
                 OutputArray& outputArray );

Objective C:

-(void) testMethodObjc : outputSize,
       OutputArrayObjc : outputArray

     TestMethod( outputSize, [outputArray getArray ]);

How do I accomplish this? I hear from other postings that objective-c does not support pass by reference.

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Undo is right, here is a good example stackoverflow.com/questions/2892520/… –  Eugene Gordin Apr 25 '13 at 4:59

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You should be able to - Obj-C is a strict subset of C. Just make sure that the file the code is in is a .mm file - not just .m

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Objective-C, like C, does not support pass by reference.

Like C, you can take the address of the variable and pass a pointer instead. And to manipulated the original variable in the function you would need to dereference the pointer.

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