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I'm having some trouble printing the contents of a hashtable, it seems to just be printing the reference out.

add to hashtable code:

protected Hashtable items = new Hashtable();

public void addItem(String itemId, String category, String title, String imageurl, double price, int quantity) {
  //boolean test = false;
  String price1 = String.valueOf(price);
  String[] item = {itemId, imageurl, title, category, price1, Integer.toString(quantity)};

if (items.containsKey(itemId)) {

  String[] tmpItem = (String[])items.get(itemId);
  int tmpQuant = Integer.parseInt(tmpItem[5]);
  quantity += tmpQuant;
  tmpItem[5] = Integer.toString(quantity);
else {

  items.put(itemId, item);

view contents code:

public void getContents()
  Enumeration e = items.elements();

  while (e.hasMoreElements())



Anyone got any ideas?


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You've printed the array objects themselves, not the contents of the arrays. Try Arrays.toString

System.out.println(Arrays.toString((String[]) e.nextElement()));
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Thanks rgettman – Dermot Apr 24 '13 at 22:47

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