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I'm writing a plugin to sort a table. When someone clicks on the TH it sorts the column.

So my Jquery would be something like"


I'm not sure how to reference the sorting function in the Plugin. Without the plugin I'm doing the below.

 <th data-sort="LastName, FirstName">
   <a onclick="SortTheGrid("FirstName, LastName");">First Name</a>

Maybe in the plugin I can just do:

 $this.find("th[data-sort] a").click(function(){...});

thanks Chuck

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Just use jQuery's click functionality.


function doSort () {
    //your sort code here

$(document).ready(function () {
    $("#YourButtonName").click(function () { doSort(); });

You still need to pass arguments into your click handler, so it knows which columns to sort by. There's details of how to pass parameters to a jQuery click event handler in this answer.

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