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I am writing a native C extension in Ruby 2.0 with'NAME'). I need to make this dependent on another task that I define

task :myTask do |t|

My question is, how can I make this setup such that when I run rake compile, extension compilation/creation is dependent on completion of my defined task, ie, myTask?

I tried the following as well, but now I don't see 'compile' option when running rake -T:

task :myTask

task :extension_compile => [:myTask]"NAME")
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What is the definition of task :compile? How is :extension_compile is related to :compile? – Yossi Apr 24 '13 at 23:00
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To add a dependency to an existing task you should use the hash notation as you did:

task :compile => [:myTask]

You don't see the :compile task when you run rake -T because rake only shows tasks that have a description:

desc "This is a compilation task"
task :compile

Now running rake -T will yield:

rake compile  # This is a compilation task
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Thank you! This did work. However, I encountered another problem. running rake compile now runs 'rake compile:myNativeExtension', which does not have the dependency that we forced on :compile. I ended up adding the following to my original code --> Rake::Task[:compile].invoke. Now, when I do rake -T, only 'extension_compile' shows up and not compile. I can live with that, althoguh I like to find a complete solution. Thanks again. – aalavi Apr 25 '13 at 5:33

Your second snippet looks correct, just add the description to be able to see it in the rake list

desc "Here's your description"
task :extension_compile => [:myTask]"NAME")
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Thank you for the comment. I already have description in place. I was not able to enforce dependency between :compile and :myTask. – aalavi Apr 25 '13 at 5:31

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