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Many coffee source files in /assets/src/coffee etc (./child/paths and so on) and I'd like to output them to assets/js/ and assets/js/child/paths.

It looks like I've gotten close, but it's not working. Using grunt-contrib-coffee and grunt-contrib-watch.

    files: '<%= coffee.src %>',
    tasks: 'coffee:dev'
      nospawn: true

  src: 'assets/src/coffee/**/*.coffee'
      sourceMap: true
    files: [
      expand: true
      cwd: "assets/"
      src: "/src/coffee/**/*.coffee"
      dest: "../js/"
      ext: ".js"

grunt.loadNpmTasks "grunt-contrib-coffee"
grunt.loadNpmTasks 'grunt-contrib-watch' 
# Default task.
grunt.registerTask "default", "watch"

grunt.event.on('watch', (action, filepath) ->
(grunt.log.writeln('\n'+ filepath + ' has ' + action))

dest = "#{path.dirname(filepath.replace("src/coffee", "js"))}"

grunt.config(['coffee', 'dev', 'files', 'src'], [filepath])
grunt.config(['coffee', 'dev', 'files', 'dest'], [dest])

(grunt.log.writeln("src: #{grunt.config(['coffee', 'dev', 'files', 'src'])}"))
(grunt.log.writeln("dest: #{grunt.config(['coffee', 'dev', 'files', 'dest'])}"))


Ok, so the output of that looks like:

assets/src/coffee/projAlpha/ has changed    
src: assets/src/coffee/projAlpha/    
dest: assets/js/projAlpha/

but the file actually ends up in: assets/src/coffee/projAlpha/ and it's coffee script. It should be in assets/js/projAlpha/dl.js.

I've gotten the grunt coffee utility to compile all the files at once and put them in the right place. I'd rather they got compiled one at a time though, since I've got a few files now and am adding more all the time.

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In your glob-pattern file path config, I notice 2 problems:

  1. The glob-pattern options do not come under the "files" key, but directly under the options key.
  2. The CWD is only meant for the src files. The dest directory does not use cwd, so you must specify the full path from the base directory (where your Gruntfile is).

    sourceMap: true
  expand: true
  cwd: "assets/src/coffee/"
  src: "**/*.coffee"
  dest: "assets/js/"
  ext: ".js"

This will move, for example, assets/src/coffee/User/ to assets/js/User/controller.js.

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Hmm not quite: "Warning: EACCES, permission denied '/dev/fd/10'" – jcollum Apr 25 '13 at 15:50
My bad, the "cwd" is supposed to have a trailing slash. I had put it as a leading slash in "src". – abject_error Apr 25 '13 at 16:07
Hmm are they not using path.join in the code? I should go take a look... – jcollum Apr 25 '13 at 16:20
OK that's working, but I already had that working -- in some other code -- but what I'm trying to do is only compile the file that has changed instead of all the files. That's what that grunt.event.on is about. – jcollum Apr 25 '13 at 16:30

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