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I have a stacked chart with drilldown, but I set the data has "data, data2", can I change this and do something like: http://jsfiddle.net/FWHGx/

var data = [[
        color: colors[0],
        drilldown: {
            name:['Recomendación','Area de Oportunidad','Observación'],
                {name:'Txt 1',y:28, color: colors[0]},
                {name:'Txt 2',y:30, color: colors[0]}
    {name:'Recomendación',y:30, color: colors[0]}
    {name:'Area de Oportunidad',y:3, color: colors[1]},
    {name:'Area de Oportunidad',y:5, color: colors[1]}
    {name:'Observación',y:1, color: colors[2]},
    {name:'Observación',y:2, color: colors[2]}

Instead of this: http://jsfiddle.net/NULTY/410/

data = [{ 
    y: 55.11}
    }, {
        y: 21.63
data2 = [{
        y: 21.63
        }, { 
    y: 55.11
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Open console, and follow errors. If you will fix them one by one, you will get properly working code. For example you are missing chart variable, or color variable is missing (again..).

Some of errors are fixed, the rest is up to you: http://jsfiddle.net/FWHGx/2/

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