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when I attempt bind form from request, the returned object is set with the initial values. The form gets displayed correctly.

def event(id: Int) = Action {
  val event : Event = Event.event(id)

def update() = Action { implicit request =>
    formWithErrors => BadRequest(views.html.eventForm(formWithErrors)),
    updatedEvent => {

When I debug the code I find that the request has both the original data and new for each fields in List. However the updatedEvent returned contains the original data from the event call.

I am using a custom field constructor, but I don't see how that would cause this issue.

I have looked at numerous examples on Git and not sure what is wrong.


Here is debug data from another form when binding request:

form after binding = Map(password -> , email -> )

request = Map(password -> List(, 32131), email -> List(, ,

The data needed is in the request but does not get binded correctly.

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The issue was not with play framework or scala but with jquery mobile.

Issue has been resolved in latest jquery mobile version

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