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I am able to redirect all (invalid) urls using this line at the end of the routes file:

match '*a' => redirect('/') 

I'd like to do the redirect and pass on an alert message in routes.rb.
Something like (the syntax is wrong here):

match '*a' => redirect('/'), :alert => "aaargh, you don't want to go to #{params[:a]}"

Is it possible to do this?

If I were doing this in a view/controller, I could use redirect_to and pass on a flash message on the redirected page (see examples in redirecting in the docs). Creating a new controller method and redirecting there would work, but it seems inelegant... is it the recommended way?

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A slight tweaking of Jun's answer allowed me to do this:

match '*a' => redirect { |p, req| req.flash[:error] = "aaargh, you don't want to go to #{p[:a]}"; '/' }

Which redirects invalid pages to '/' along with the desired (dynamic) message.

If you go to www.your_website/a_bad_place this passes the message on '/':

aaargh, you don't want to go to a_bad_place


You can grab the entire offending (invalid) url by using:


and display it with this:

match '*a' => redirect { |p, req| req.flash[:error] = "aaargh, you don't want to go to #{req.env["HTTP_HOST"]}#{req.env["REQUEST_PATH"]}"; '/' }

and you'll see:

aaargh, you don't want to go to www.yourwebsite/a_bad_place

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cool solution... –  Nich Apr 25 '13 at 11:37

The best I can do is:

match 'PATH' => redirect { |p, req| req.flash[:alert] = "MESSAGE"; '/' }
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Thanks! I was able to make a slight modification to do it, this got me in the right direction :) –  Andy Hayden Apr 25 '13 at 10:42

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