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I have this app I'm working on...


You can see the contents of the group collection by doing a 'Groups.find()' in the console.

I have this in my JS...

  'click .deleteMember': function(){
    var groupID = this.groupID,
        firstName = this.firstName,
        lastName = this.lastName;

So, I wanna be able to delete a member from a group if I click the X next to their name. I've tried...

Groups.update( {"_id": groupID }, {$unset: { "members" : {"firstName": firstName, "lastName": lastName} } } );

but it removed ALL members. I only want it to remove the members item that matches the first and last name of the element clicked. Thanks.

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seems to be a duplicate of your question about removing the same element from multiple documents... –  Asya Kamsky Apr 25 '13 at 4:18
it's not the same. –  Steven Apr 25 '13 at 7:41

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Ah, I just had to change "$unset" to "$pull". I added via "$push" so I thought, "Is there a $pull method?" And there was! :)

Groups.update( {"_id": groupID }, {"$pull": { "members" : {"firstName": firstName, "lastName": lastName} } } );
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I found this awesome page in MongoDB's documentation that shows the query / projection you discovered here plus many many more!

MongoDB documentation.

Thank you for asking this - your answer got me on the right track.

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