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I am developing a view page.

Here is my code:

int idses = Convert.ToInt32(Session["ID"].ToString());

// address
DataTable adrDT = new DataTable();
adrDT = ClassView.GetRows(idses);

houseN.Text = adrDT.Rows[0]["houseN"].ToString();
streetAD.Text = adrDT.Rows[0]["stAddress"].ToString();
townAD.Text = adrDT.Rows[0]["town"].ToString();
cityAD.Text = adrDT.Rows[0]["city"].ToString();
stateAD.Text = adrDT.Rows[0]["state"].ToString();
zipC.Text = adrDT.Rows[0]["zipCOde"].ToString();
ddlC.SelectedValue = adrDT.Rows[0]["countryID"].ToString();
teleNumb.Text = adrDT.Rows[0]["telephoneN"].ToString();
faxNumb.Text = adrDT.Rows[0]["faxN"].ToString();

this the code in my datalayer:

string rowSQL = "SELECT Merchant_Master.id, Merchant_Master.CompanyName, Merchant_Master.Url, Merchant_Master.AddressID, Industry.IndustryName, "
              + "Merchant_Master.IsActive, Merchant_Master.IsDeleted, Merchant_Master.DateCreated "
              + "FROM Merchant_Master JOIN Industry on Merchant_Master.IndustryID = Industry.id where Merchant_Master.id = @id";
//string rowSQL = "SELECT CompanyName, Url, DateCreated FROM Merchant_Master";

string[] param = {"@id"};
object[] paramVal = {};

return ClassDBQuery.ExecDataReader(rowSQL, param, paramVal);

My question is: How will I call the @id in the code behind?

adrDT = ClassView.GetRows(idses); -> in this line...when I put idses, I get the error "No overload for method 'GetRows()' takes one argument"... What should I do?

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@carth maybe you can help me again...:) – aianLee Apr 25 '13 at 2:45

This means that, on your ClassView class, you dont have a GetRows method expecting any parameter. Look your ClassView again.


If the type of idses is int, you should do:

public static DataTable GetRows(int ideses) {...}
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i declared my getrow method like this public static DataTable GetRows().. i need to put parameters inside it..? #___# – aianLee Apr 25 '13 at 2:50
Look my edit... – Jhonatas Kleinkauff Apr 25 '13 at 2:52
public static DataTable GetRows(int idses) { sqlquery..... string[] param = {"@id"}; object[] paramVal = {idses}; return ClassDBQuery.ExecDataReader(rowSQL, param, paramVal); so it will be like this..? – aianLee Apr 25 '13 at 2:55
@aianLee, the problem of your initial post will be solved if you change the GetRows method like i said. I really dont know about your ClassDBQuery.ExecDataReader and what you need to pass to this method. – Jhonatas Kleinkauff Apr 25 '13 at 3:01
yeah...sorry..i just realized that i was tweaking the method for gridview databinding...i created a new method and it works..thanks though.. @jhonatas kleinkauff – aianLee Apr 25 '13 at 4:25

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