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I'm a newbie to iOS development, and am trying to work through the projects in "Learning iOS Development."

When I drag a control, such as a button, to the grid in Interface Builder in XCode 4.6.2, I can specify numbers for the width and height in the Size Inspector, but not for the origin, which is grayed out. I CAN change the origin by choosing one of the nine points in a grid to the left of the text boxes for specifying the numbers, but this is too coarse-grained.

I've seen a similar problem reported, and the solution was to turn off Simulated User Interface Elements (see Can't resize UIView in IB). But I think this option has been removed from 4.6. (See Interface Builder's “Simulate Interface” is gone in xcode 4.6?)

I suspect the solution is something simple that I'm overlooking. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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