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I have a static inner function:

function A() {


A.B = function() {


I am not able to create function object of inner static function using:

new window['A.B'](); //Does not work

where as

new window['A'](); //Works


new A.B(); //Also works if I create inner static function object directly.

Does anyone know how to create static inner function object using window?

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A.B is not the property of window. A is the property of window and B is the property of A. So if you really want to do this with brackets for some strange reason, it's new window['A']['B']().

If you want to access any property of an object while descending based on dots, that's not built-in.

function descend(obj, path) {
    var parts = path.split('.');

    for(var i = 0; i < parts.length; i++) {
        obj = obj[parts[i]];

    return obj;

// var B = descend(window, 'A.B');
// new B()
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