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I would like to just use RegistrationBuilder to create parts.


public interface IModel
    String Name { get; }

public interface IRepository

class ModelOne : IModel
    public String Name { get { return "ModelOne"; } }

class ModelTwo : IModel
    public String Name { get { return "ModelTwo"; } }

public interface IRepository<TModel> : IRepository where TModel : IModel

public class Repository<TModel> : IRepository<TModel> where TModel : IModel

static void Main(String[] args)
    var builder = new RegistrationBuilder();
    var asmCatalog = new AssemblyCatalog(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly(), builder);
    var container = new CompositionContainer(asmCatalog);
    var one = container.GetExportedValue<IRepository<ModelOne>>();
    var two = container.GetExportedValue<IRepository<ModelTwo>>();

I can not get the results(the one,the two) I want.

because when i use RegistrationBuilder the all type when wrapped in ProjectingType,but GetExportedValue method did not wrap Generic Parameters in ProjectingType.

My temporary solution is to delete the IsAssignableFrom method in ProjectingType. Now I can get the results(the one,the two) I want.

is there any good solution or correction?

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