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I'm reading a binary file. The first 16 bits represent an array index, the next 16 represent the number of 16-bit items about to be listed, and then the remaining multiples of 16 represent all those 16-bit items. For example, the following hex-dump of the file 'program':

 30 00 00 02 10 00 F0 25

represents index 0x3000, with 0x0002 elements following, which are 0x1000 and 0xF025.

 FILE *fp = fopen(program, "rb");
 char indexChar, nItemsChar;
 u_int16_t index, nItems;
 fread (&indexChar, 2, 1, fp);
 fread (&nItemsChar, 2, 1, fp);
 address = strtol(&indexChar, NULL, 16);
 nItems = strtol(&nItemsChar, NULL, 16);
 for (u_int16_t i = 0; i < nItems; ++i)
     fread (state->mem + index + i, 2, 1, fp);

I'm not even sure if this approach works because I get EXC_BAD_ACCESS when trying to fRead() into nItemsChar. What am I doing wrong?

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open it with binary mode `rb'. and the read size is sizeof(u_int16_t) counting 1 not read size 2 count 1. – MYMNeo Apr 25 '13 at 4:01
Whoops, it should've been 'rb'. But yeah, it's still happening, even with that change. – Walker Apr 25 '13 at 4:06
You are reading 2 bytes into chars. Make indexChar and nItemsChar char[2]. – Duck Apr 25 '13 at 4:19

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You are confusing ascii (text) file i/o and binary.

  • Program is crashing at fread(&nItemsChar,2,1,fp) because you have read 2 bytes into a 1 byte memory space (actually it may be messing up on the previous fread)
  • You then try to use strtol which converts from ascii to long int but the values read are binary

Instead just use

fread(&index, sizeof(index),1,fp);
fread(&nItems, sizeof(nItems),1,fp);

and then the for loop. Note that this assumes that the file is written with the same endianness as your processor/configuration.

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uint16_t index, *nItems;

fread (&index, sizeof(uint16_t), 1, fp);
nItems = (uint16_t*)calloc(index, sizeof(uint16_t));
fread (nItems, sizeof(uint16_t), index, fp);
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