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I'd like to convert a money formatted string into a float in javascript.

ex: '$1,000.20' convert to a float 1000.20

'USD 1,000.20' convert to a float 1000.20

I'm also interested to know how to replace alphabetic characters to say '*'

How can this be implemented?

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You could pick out numbers from an arbitrary string with regex:

var match= string.match(/[0-9,.]*/);
if (match!==null) {
    var amount= parseFloat( match[0].replace(/,/g, '') ); // replace , thousands separator

However! It's generally a no-no to store money amounts in a floating point type due to the inaccuracy of floating point calculations. Of course JavaScript only gives you floating-point numbers, but by sticking to whole numbers (eg. of cents) you get accurate calculations up to the odd quadrillion.

Best of all for dealing with money is to use a decimal arithmetic type. This isn't a built-in type in JavaScript, but here's an implementation of it. (It is, unfortunately, rather heavyweight... I'm thinking of hacking up a simpler implementation of just the basics for trivial cases where you only need basic arithmetic.)

I'm also interested to know how to replace alphabetic characters to say '*'

regex again:

string.replace(/[A-Z]/gi, '*')

(for values of “alphabetic characters” within ASCII. If you need non-ASCII Unicode letters to be replaced you'd have to construct a much more involved character class... JavaScript doesn't have built-in classes for the metadata of the whole Unicode character set.)

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Thanks for the great answer. I found that I wanted a slightly different regex: string.match(/[0-9,.]+/g) – Kit Menke Jan 3 '11 at 21:01

Remove all non number symbols:


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Use JavaScript substring() Method to strip off letters and then parse using parseFloat


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this could work:

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+1 for replace function – Xinus Oct 25 '09 at 11:07

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