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$ grep "console.log" * -R
account/db.js:        console.log(err);
account/db.js:        console.log(info);
account/db.js:                console.log(err);
account/db.js:                    console.log(err2);
account/controller.js:    console.log(covers);
account/controller.js:    console.log(req.api_user);
account/controller.js:    console.log(code);
account/controller.js:        console.log(user);
account/helper.js:                console.log(err);
messages/db.js:        console.log("Error " + err);
messages/helper.js:                console.log('No email notify.');
messages/helper.js:                console.log(msg_body);
messages/helper.js:                        console.log(message.sid);
messages/helper.js:                        console.log(message.dateCreated);
messages/helper.js:                        console.log(error);
products/controller.js:            console.log(product);
products/controller.js:                console.log(product);
products/helper.js:        console.log(data)
products/helper.js:    console.log('removing index....');
profile/db.js:                console.log(err);
profile/db.js:                console.log(info);
profile/db.js:                console.log(err);
profile/controller.js:                            console.log("sending phone confirmation text...");
profile/helper.js:            console.log(message.sid);
profile/helper.js:            console.log(message.dateCreated);
profile/helper.js:            console.log(error);
receiver/controller.js:    console.log(from);
receiver/controller.js:    console.log(body);
receiver/controller.js:        console.log(from_email);
receiver/controller.js:        console.log(to_id_gen);
receiver/controller.js:        console.log(finalbody);
receiver/controller.js:                            console.log(result);
reviews/db.js:        console.log(err);
reviews/db.js:        console.log(results);
reviews/controller.js:            console.log(review);
reviews/controller.js:    console.log(review_id);
search/controller.js:        console.log(JSON.stringify(data.hits.hits, null, 4));

As you can see, while I was writing my code, I was doing console.log everywhere.

Now, I want to remove all those lines. I don't want to manually go into every file to remove them. Instead, I want to do it via a command.

Similar to grep "console.log" * -R, how can I do that same thing but remove those lines recursively? (look through every file all the way down the tree from my current directory)

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try find for such things. try find . -type f -exec sed -i '/console\.log/d' {} \; but you might be interested in using -i.bak instead of -i which keeps a back up copy

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find -name \*.js -type f -exec sed -i.bak '/console\.log/d' {} + might be more efficient. –  J.F. Sebastian Apr 25 '13 at 7:08
Yes, at first it seemed so from the example provided. But then i noticed in anywhere in the grep, he has not used the file extension, or has not mentioned anywhere that only *js files are target. So I decided not to assume anything and skipped the -name option. –  abasu Apr 25 '13 at 7:12

In Perl:

perl -i -n -e'print unless /console\.log/' $(find . -name '*.js')
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Give this a shot.

sed -i.bak '/console.log/d' */*.js

The -i param edits files in place. The original file will have .bak appended to its name, so you can restore it if something goes wrong, or you change your mind.

This is not a properly recursive solution; you may need to modify the file name wildcard, or drive the command from a find . -exec ... wrapper to make it recursive.

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It says this: sed: couldn't edit account: not a regular file –  TIMEX Apr 25 '13 at 4:30
This is not a recursive solution, –  abasu Apr 25 '13 at 4:45
@abasu: for recursion, you can just use zsh and sed -i '/console.log/d' **/*.js glob pattern - cleaner than stuffing around with find.... –  Tony D Apr 25 '13 at 5:02
So what do I type into my console? –  TIMEX Apr 25 '13 at 5:05
All your matches seem to be one subdirectory deep; if so, the glob */*.js should match them all, in any shell. Unless your directory tree is very deep or very complex, you can probably manage with a fairly simple set of wildcards, and a properly recursive solution is overkill. –  tripleee Apr 25 '13 at 5:09

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