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Given any C# exe or dll, I would like to obtain a list of all the assemblies it references as well as all the imported modules. What's the simplest way to go about doing this?

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Others have given answers for doing this programatically. If you just want to see a list though, you can use a decompiler like JustDecompile from Telerik. Open the .dll with it, and you will be able to navigate the list of references etc on the left hand side.

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You can use reflection to know how to get the reference assemblies. Please see the link below. I am not sure about your question regarding to imported modules please provide more details.


Hope this help.

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Use GetDependentAssemblies as below:

private IEnumerable<Assembly> GetDependentAssemblies(Assembly analyzedAssembly)
    return AppDomain.CurrentDomain.GetAssemblies()
        .Where(a => GetNamesOfAssembliesReferencedBy(a)

public IEnumerable<string> GetNamesOfAssembliesReferencedBy(Assembly assembly)
    return assembly.GetReferencedAssemblies()
        .Select(assemblyName => assemblyName.FullName);

The analyzedAssembly parameter represents the assembly for which you want to find all the dependents.

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