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please tell me best way to write this.

I need one generic AsyncTask for webservice call with all possible errror handling. Also a callback for updating UI/ showing error message.

I have found few approches :

  1. by adding Generic parameter to async task
  2. making asynctask as abstract
  3. for handling error giving handler object.
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This is actually very easy to do with an AsyncTask.

AsyncTask has 4 functions. 3 of them run on the UI Thread so you can update the UI as much as you like. 1 of the functions runs in the background so you can do things that take as long as is necessary, such as calling your webservice.

You do not need a formal callback function. AsyncTask.onPostExecute() handles this for you.

There is a great example in the Android documentation that shows how to download a file exactly as you are trying to do with the webservices connection. You will extend AsyncTask and create your own DownloadFilesTask just like in the example.

The whole thing is started with a single line of code:

new DownloadFilesTask().execute(...)

The four functions are:

  • onPreExecute() - Useful for displaying a ProgressBar or other UI elements.
  • doInBackground() - Take as long as you want, but don't update the UI from here. Instead, call publishProgress() as often as you like. That will internally call onProgressUpdate() where you can incrementally update the UI, or your ProgressBar, if you want.
  • onProgressUpdate() - Optional show progress updates or increment a ProgressBar. This function only gets called in response to calling publishProgress() from doInBackground().
  • onPostExecute() - Done, dismiss() your ProgressBar, update the UI, process any errors saved in doInBackground(), and jump to the next section of your code.

Error Handling:

All errors are trapped in doInBackground(). You should save an int errorCode and/or String errorMessage in your DownloadFilesTask class, and return; from doInBackground() when an error occurs. Then, process and report the error in onPostExecute().

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please suggest approches. To hadle it generically for any request, response, exception – R World Apr 25 '13 at 5:53
Thanks for all your help; I have already done same thing. but I need a better modular sacalable approch. – R World Apr 25 '13 at 6:30
Make your DownloadFilesTask into a separate class (i.e. in another Java file) pass in URL and the like, and it returns a String, XML Object, JSON, whatever via access functions. Also provide getErrorCode() and getErrorMessage(). I understand that this is probably not the exact modular puzzle piece that you are looking for to build a reusable component, but it is all that can be done from the limited text in your question. – David Manpearl Apr 25 '13 at 6:36

See this question for several answers. They all involve storing any exception thrown by doInBackground in a field and checking it in onPostExecute. I like this answer posted by @dongshengcn, which encapsulates this into a subclass of AsyncTask, then you can override onResult and/or onException as necessary.

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