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I am having hard times debugging my code with the Dart Editor version 0.5.0_r21823 on Mac OS X.

It stops with following info:

"Dart_InstanceGetClass expects argument 'instance' to be of type Instance."

I am now trying the poor man's debugger (i.e. print ...) but even that one fails.

_setupGui() {
  // Bitmap background = new Bitmap(resourceManager.getBitmapData("Pigeon"));
  print("Done loading resources");
  ChessBoard b = new ChessBoard();
  board = new ChessBoardView(b);

 * Holds a chess position.
class ChessBoard {

  static const String STARTPOS = "rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - 0 1";

  ChessBoard([String fen = STARTPOS]) {
     print("ChessBoard($fen)");     // This gets written

  void _setFromFen(String fen) {
    print("_setFromFEN($fen)");   // This is not written

Console output:

Fixed Canvas Style Size !!!!
Loading resources
Done loading resources
ChessBoard(rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - 0 1)
... here it ends. I.e. setFromFEN() is not written ...
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Can you narrow this: > "Dart_InstanceGetClass expects argument 'instance' to be of type Instance." down to a test case, and submit it as a bug at A small, reproducable test case makes it much easier for us to find and fix bugs. Thanks! – Devon Carew Apr 25 '13 at 14:48
I will try to to that next time I encounter this! Right now the problem is gone and as I recall it had to do with errors in constructor/factory methods. – Gunnar Eketrapp Apr 26 '13 at 7:42
Now I have this same problem. The debugger fails to stop on breakpoints with this message. I will try to reproduce (with minimal example) when I got time over ... – Gunnar Eketrapp Apr 26 '13 at 10:38

This is likely a bug, which has likely been fixed by now. If you're using Dartium; you can use the built-in dev tools to debug (much like you would with JavaScript) which can be very convenient!

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