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I am using Eclipse for PHP Developers Version: 3.0.2. How could I check out from a remote svn(TortoiseSVN). I googled online, but it did help, I tried to import, but there is no such option as 'from svn'.

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  1. Install the subclipse plugin (provides svn connectivity in eclipse) and connect to the repository. Insturctions here
  2. Go to File->New->Other->Under the SVN category, select Checkout Projects from SVN.
  3. Select your project's root folder and select checkout as a project in the workspace.

For more details take a look for How to use Subversion with Eclipse

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You might not have the svn plugin for eclipse installed.You could download it from here.

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If you do not have the option to "Checkout Projects from SVN" you are probably missing the SVN plugin. @Arcane posted a link to download the plugin and HERE[1] is a link to a full description how to use the plugin.

[1] :

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