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I had asked a similar question here but that was using perl. Now my boss tells me I have to use C Shell Script (.csh). I am a beginner & trying to understand things from here. So I created this script:

set OS_NAME = (Win32::GetOSVersion());
set major = $OS_NAME[1];
set minor = $OS_NAME[2];
set build = $OS_NAME[3];
set id = $OS_NAME[4];
echo $major;
echo $minor;
echo $build;
echo $id;

This is giving me the output:

#blank line

How do I get the script to work? Thank You.

UPDATE: Found something here. As per the comment that does not work nowadays. So any updated answer for this?

UPDATE: Found the Solution here. But its printing the information just like echo does. How do I store that information inside Variables so that I can do some comparison & do my work?

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I'm not familiar with cshell, but it looks like (Win32::GetOSVersion()) is being interpreted as an array, with each parenthesis as a single element. – Kyle Strand Apr 25 '13 at 6:44
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After a lot of head banging found the solution:

set Ver = `(wmic os get version)`;
echo $Ver;

Did not know earlier that the `` operator can catch the output to a variable. Even a single answer/comment about the same would have saved a lot of my time.

Was hoping for somebody to reply, but despite getting 42 views there was no answer. Extremely disappointed & let down by the community. :(

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