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I know Singleton class is a class whose only one object can be created at a time.

My questions are:

1.What is the use of Singleton class in objective-c?

2.How to create and use the created Singleton class?

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A singleton is a special kind of class where only one instance of the class exists for the current process. In the case of an iPhone app, the one instance is shared across the entire app.

Have a look at these tutorials :






And this video tutorial :


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You normally use a Singleton when you want to expose something to the entire project, or you want a single point of entry to something. Imagine that you have a photos application, and 3 our 4 UIViewControllers need to access an Array with Photos. It would make sense to have a Singleton to have a reference to those photos.

A quick implementation can be found here. And would look like this:

+ (id)sharedManager
  static id sharedManager;
  static dispatch_once_t once;
  dispatch_once(&once, ^{
    sharedManager = [[self alloc] init];
  return sharedManager;

You can see other ways of implementing this pattern here.

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Here is an example and tutorial: http://www.galloway.me.uk/tutorials/singleton-classes/

Here is another one: How to create singleton class in objective C

Singleton contains global variables and global functions.It’s an extremely powerful way to share data between different parts of code without having to pass the data around manually.

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