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I used to use tabs for indentation and spaces for alignment. Like so (arrows show tabs and dots show spaces).

enter image description here

In QtCreator you can set such coding style in standard preferences. I can't find the way to achieve the same goal in Xcode. Could you please tell me if it is possible? May be there is a plugin for that?

UPDATE: Here is how it can be achieved in QtCreator: enter image description here

P.S. Please, don't try to persuade me that using spaces only/tabs only is better, otherwise this question will turn into another holywar :)

Once more about what I'm trying to achieve: Indent with tabs, align with spaces. Vim Tips Wiki.

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I am trying to achieve the same thing. Did you by chance find a solution? –  user1264176 Jan 14 at 11:09
@user1264176, unfortunately, no. Xcode 6 is still not capable of such formatting. I had to switch to spaces while working in Xcode. One option is to use AppCode by JetBrains, but it's not free and it still requires Xcode for some actions. So I'm still hoping that Apple will implement it one day, because tabs, the way they are implemented now, are unusable. –  FreeNickname Jan 14 at 13:29
Thanks for prompt response. I had to switch to spaces too. It is fine if you work with tabs in Xcode but all the other editors or browsers will mess up formatting. –  user1264176 Jan 14 at 13:38
@user1264176, unfortunately, Xcode will also mess it up, if you just change the tab width :) Or someone else with a different tab width (for instance, many people prefer 2 spaces instead of 4) will open your project. –  FreeNickname Jan 14 at 13:52

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In Xcode > Preferences (,):

> Text Editing > Indentation

If I understand your question correctly, this should do it for you.

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Thanks! But the problem is that this way it uses spaces everywhere. I want it to use tabs for indentation and spaces for alignment. I like tabs, because they are more flexible. But you can't use them for indentation, because if you changed tab size, for instance, from 4 to 2, your indentation would be ruined. For example, arg2 and arg3 wouldn't be on the same column with arg1. And it seems to me that there is no way to do that in XCode. I will post a screenshot from QtCreator now to illustrate what it looks like there. –  FreeNickname Apr 28 '13 at 15:39
Well, your answer is obviously the best :) Sorry, but I can't accept it since it doesn't answer my question completely (what if someone else will show up). But the bounty and an upvote are yours :) Thank you for your attention! –  FreeNickname May 4 '13 at 8:34

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