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first time I am trying to create thumbnail preview from video file, uploaded 700mb .avi film with 209747 frames. Now I am trying to create 1 thumbnail, but it takes 4.7 seconds, because I've set frame 10000, if I set it just to 1000, it takes only 0.4 seconds to generate thumbnail.

How could I generate like 5-10 thumbnails from different frames on-the-go in less than a second? Is it even possible? Is it different to use exec(ffmpeg) or php-ffmpeg? Using 0.6-svn ffmpeg, Debian 6.0.7, php 5.4.14 on machine 2x Xeon L5420 and still slow... Any ideas? How about to use ffmpeg + time of the video instead of frame?

$movie = 'ai.avi';
$thumbnail = 'thumbnail.jpg';

$mov = new ffmpeg_movie($movie);
$frame = 10000;
$frame = $mov->getFrame($frame);

if($frame) { 
  $gd_image = $frame->toGDImage();
  if($gd_image) {
    imagejpeg($gd_image, $thumbnail, 100);
echo '<img src="'.$thumbnail.'" ><br />';
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First of all, you are using FFmpeg-php, not php-FFmpeg. These are two different projects, where your FFmpeg-php project is (extremely) old.

The process difference when changing the frame to the 10,000th or 1,000th frame is way too high, probably caused by the poor php-ffmpeg image-extracting function. You can try out the 200,000th frame where I expect it is taking like 80 seconds? If this is true, then the toGDImage() function is seriously way too slow!

Then you have some options to improve performance:

  1. Try to find out if you can adjust the toGDImage() function or use commands directly from FFmpeg-php, like ffmpeg -ss 00:10:00 -i input.avi -vframes 1 output.jpg
  2. Or try to implement the php-FFmpeg library, which contains a fast extractImage() function, which uses the command from above.
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Yes I was using FFmpeg-php that old one, in dotdeb package it was called php5-ffmpeg .... It took me 51 seconds to generate 200k th frame, now installed ffmpeg and done exec(), image was saved in 0.08s, which is impressive! thanks a lot - upvote! one question: where can I find some list of variables for ffmpeg? If I would like to reduce image quality to 80 or extract some info about video file - like frame count, length and so on? thanks :] – Wiggler Jtag Apr 25 '13 at 12:39
That 51 seconds explain how terribly slow it was, good job for updating! Try reading the FFmpeg CLI documentation, it describes almost everything you just asked for. Also the internet is full of tutorials. – Nick van Tilborg Apr 25 '13 at 12:45

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