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In my application user enters price in text field. So I take the price from textfield like below

NSNumber *price = [NSNumber numberWithDouble:[[self stringAfterRemovingCurrencySymbol:self.priceTextField.text] doubleValue]];

When I print the value like below

DLog(@"Price Value 1: %f",[[self stringAfterRemovingCurrencySymbol:self.buyTextField.text] doubleValue]);

DLog(@"Price Value 2: %@",price);

Here is output (Lets say user enters 150.00)

Price Value 1: 150.000000
Price Value 2: 150

What I want is

Price Value 1: 150.000000
Price Value 2: 150.00

If user enters 150.85 , I am getting 150.85 as it is. But when user enters .00 , I am not getting .00

What should I do so that I will get the .00 ?

Thanks in advance.

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You can get the NSNumber's value as a double and use standard printf formatting to specify precision:

DLog(@"Price Value 2: %.2f", [price doubleValue]);
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Here I am passing Price as NSNumber in parameter dictionary to server. So it doesn't take .00 –  iOSAppDev Apr 25 '13 at 8:15

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